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About Us

Redbar Studios Serves with the Heart of an Artisan

Redbar Studios has been cultivating in Taiwan for over fifteen years. As our team has extensive experience in voice acting in various fields such as films, TV series, animations, games, and commercials, we provide our clients with diverse and professional services.


With a multitude of talented voice actors and translation expertise, we accurately capture the essence of the original work and breathe new life into the characters. Moreover, we prioritize customization and attention to detail while emphasizing localization to ensure the quality of our work and the integration of foreign films and television productions into the Taiwanese market.


Redbar Studios is built on the foundation of the Taiwanese market while looking towards international horizons. We are constantly learning and exploring new technologies and tools. With professionalism and dedication, we strive to remain competitive in localization among the new generation while bringing new energy into film and television productions!​

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