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Redbar Studios boasts a team of highly experienced sound engineers, mixing engineers, video editors, and reviewers. We always maintain a dedicated and professional approach, bringing new energy into every project we undertake. Whether it's voice acting for movies, TV shows, commercials, games, or subtitle translation, Redbar Studios is your trusted partner in the world of film and television. We look forward to exploring the limitless possibilities in the realm of entertainment with you.​


Film Dubbing

The sound you wish for, the dubbing you need!

Great works can transport the audience, and exceptional dubbing can soothe the mind and soul.

Redbar Studios has experienced dubbing directors who value natural colloquial style and delivery of the scripts. They team up with talented voice actors to achieve the desired results for the work.

We offer both the 5.1 surround sound and 2.0 stereo versions. Also, we always collaborate with you to make desired stylistic changes and customize the sound effects to perfectly match your vision.

You can entrust Redbar Studios to ensure the dubbing and sound effects bring your creations to life just as you had envisioned.


Commercial Voiceover & Dubbing

Redbar Studios boasts a great team of voice actors. We are able to customize performances with the suitable voice actors and quickly deliver the perfect final works. With close collaboration and communication, we produce professional music and sound effects to help create unique and dynamic commercials.


Korean Variety Show Captions

Have you ever noticed the fascinating captions in Korean variety shows?

Redbar studios can recreate the charm of those must-have entertaining captions characteristic in popular Korean variety shows.Besides the masterful performances by the celebrities, the captions are also an eye-catching highlight. Witty and full of punchlines, they make you feel as if you're interacting with the celebrities yourselves. Redbar Studios can recreate those captions so your audience can experience that fun and excitement too!

We not only keep the humor and punchlines from the original show, but also design the font and the color to capture the show's original style. Whether it's a fact-paced variety show or a heartwarming reality show, we are able to recreate the aesthetics of the captions with a high level of fidelity. No blurry blocks, only clear Chinese captions!


Television Dubbing

Like wizards of voices, we bring films and TV shows to life!

We understand the importance of dubbing in productions. That is why we have a rich lineup of voice actors to offer diverse styles and interpretations. With top-notch translators, precise translation, and language expertise, we strive to excite the desired emotion in the audience, ensure the natural flow of emotion, reflect real-life situations truthfully, and help characters vividly come to life.​


Game Dubbing & Sound Effects

Redbar Studios has a variety of voice actors who infuse life into game characters through diverse performances, ensuring that the games are of both high quality and full of emotion.

The voice acting and sound effects we produce for games are guaranteed to provide players with the ultimate audio and visual experience. Our goal is to ensure players immerse themselves in the adventure and have a great deal of fun.


Subtitle Translation & Time-Coding

The Redbar translation team consists of diligent and dedicated translators. They research the worldviews and histories of different works extensively and verify the data to be presented thoroughly. Moreover, we place a strong emphasis on "localization" in our translations, allowing the audience to immerse themselves in the customs and culture portrayed in the work.

But there's more! We also have an experienced and multilingual editorial team that values consistency. They always work with detailed glossaries and terminology lists. Whether the work content is legal, medical, period drama, science fiction, educational, documentary, or even real-time programs, we can always provide customized translation services based on your needs and select the most suitable translators for the task.

In addition to film and television translation, we also offer time-coding services, producing timecodes that conform to various specifications. We collaborate with clients on the use of punctuation, character limits, and subtitle placement to ensure the best results.

The professional and highly dedicated team at Redbar Studios looking forward to working with you the make your production a sensational success! 

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