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Redbar Studios boasts over 100 professional translators, as well as an editorial team proficient in various languages. Our translators do more than just translate; they transcreate culture. Before translating, they do extensive research to deeply understand the local culture, context, and unique characteristics. Language is more than just words and sounds; it is a vessel that transports emotions, stories, and culture.​



Every voice is a story. We help bring life to every work. Whether it's theatrical releases, TV films, TV series, animations, or games, Redbar Studios takes great care with every project and dubs with professional voice actors and equipment. We'd love to share our achievements with you!​

Subtitle and Caption Design​

Not only do we retain the humor and jokes from the show, but we also meticulously design the font and color to embody the original style of the program. Whether it's a variety show with a fast pace or a heartwarming reality show, we can design the aesthetics for captions with a high degree of fidelity.​

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